Are you looking for a hacking and penetration testing course that includes modern infrastructure, operating systems, and application environments? Then you should take the Certified Security Analyst course.

  • About this course

    The ECSA pentest program strengthens your ability to fully exploit the tools and techniques you gained in the Certified Ethical Hacker course (CEH) by teaching you how to use the skills you learned in the CEH using EC-Council's penetration testing methodology.It emphasizes hands-on learning while focusing on pentesting methodology.

  • Why should you take this course?

    The ECSA program provides a continuous learning experience, picking up where the CEH certification left off.Unlike most pen-testing tools, which use a basic kill chain approach, the ECSA will present you with a set of distinct, complete methodologies that can address a wide range of pen-testing requirements across many sectors.

  • What will you learn by taking this course?

    You will be able to do the following after completing this course:

    • Explain how to respond to an issue in a business setting.
    • Create an incident response plan and a team to handle the situation.
    • Make a list of the policies and laws that govern incident response.
    • Manage computer security issues and prepare for future risk mitigation by preventing harmful code attacks and threats.
    • Assist organizations with the development of their own Incident Management Systems.
    • Create a recovery strategy and deal with internal risks.

  • Chapter 1: Penetration Testing Essential Concepts

     ✅ Computer Network Fundamentals

     ✅ Windows and Linux Security

     ✅ Web Application Security Mechanisms

     ✅ Information Security Standards

     ✅ Network Security Controls and Devices

     ✅ Web Application and Web Server Architecture and Operations

     ✅ Information Security Attacks


  • Chapter 2: Introduction to Penetration Testing Methodologies

    ✅ Penetration Testing Process and Methodologies & Benefits ✅ Types, Areas and Selection of Pentesting
  • Chapter 3: Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement Methodology

    ✅ Penetration Testing Scoping and Rules and Engagement ✅ Penetration Testing Engagement Contract and Preparation
  • Chapter 4: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Methodology

     ✅ OSINT Through World Wide Web (WWW), Website Analysis, DNS Interrogation ✅ Automating your OSINT Effort Using Tools/Frameworks/Scripts
  • Chapter 5: Social Engineering Penetration Testing Methodology

    ✅ Social Engineering Penetration Testing Techniques & Steps ✅ Social Engineering Penetration testing using E
  • Chapter 6: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – External

     ✅ External Network Information & Reconnaissance  ✅ Scanning, and Exploitation
  • Chapter 7: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Internal

     ✅ Internal Network Information Reconnaissance and Scanning

     ✅ Local and Remote System Exploitation

     ✅ Internal Network Enumeration and Vulnerability Scanning


  • Chapter 8: Network Penetration Testing Methodology - Perimeter Devices

    ✅ Firewall Security Assessment Techniques

    ✅ Router and Switch Security Assessment Techniques

     ✅ iDs Security Assessment Techniques


  • Chapter 9: Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology

    ✅ Web Application Content Discovery and Vulnerability Scanning

    ✅ XSS, Parameter Tampering, Weak Cryptography, Security Misconfiguration and Client side scripting, vulnerabilities penetration techniques

    ✅ SQL Injection Vulnerability Penetration Testing

    ✅ Authentication, Authorization, session, Web Server Vulnerabilities Penetration Testing

  • Chapter 10: Database Penetration Testing Methodology

    ✅ Database Penetration Testing Techniques & Information Reconnaissance ✅ Database Enumeration & Exploitation
  • Chapter 11: Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology

    ✅ WLAN Penetration Testing Techniques

    ✅ Mobile Device Penetration Testing Techniques

    ✅ RFID and NFC Penetration Testing Techniques

    ✅ loT Penetration Testing Techniques

  • Chapter 12: Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology

    ✅ Cloud Specific Penetration Testing Techniques and Recommendations ✅ Cloud Specific Penetration Testing Methods
  • Chapter 13: Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

    ✅ Penetration Testing Report Writing Process ✅ Penetration Testing Reporting Formats

  • What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the ECSA v10 exam?

    To be eligible to apply to sit for the ECSA Exam, candidate must either:

    Hold an ECSA certification , any version (Your USD100 application fee will be waived);

    or Have a minimum of 2 years work experience in InfoSec domain (You will need to pay USD100 as a non-refundable application fee);

    Or Have attended an official EC-Council training (All candidates are required to pay the $100 application fee, however your training fee shall include this fee)

  • How long does the application process take?

    On an average, application processing time would be between 5-10 working days once the verifiers on the application respond to EC-Council’s requests for information.

  • What is the next step once the application is approved?

    Once your application is approved you can proceed to purchase your exam voucher either from EC-Council Online Store or from one of our authorised training channels.

  • Is the application form mandatory for all test takers?

    Yes, the application form is mandatory for all test takers who want to take the exam directly without undergoing training.

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  • Access period : 12 months
  • Course duration : 40+ hours
  • Quizzes & revision exams :
  • Certificate of completion :
  • Support : 24/7 hours
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This program takes the tools and techniques covered in Ethical Hacker to next level by utilizing EC-Council’s published penetration testing methodology

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