Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate is a role-based certification for Azure data engineers who design and implement the management, monitoring, security, and privacy of data by utilizing the full stack of Azure data services.
The associate-level Azure Data Engineer certification validates your skills in implementing data storage solutions, managing, and developing data processing.
It measures your abilities in monitoring and optimizing data solutions and designing Azure data storage solutions.
DP-200 (Implementing an Azure Data Solution) and DP-201 (Designing an Azure Data Solution) exams must be passed for earning the certification.

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  • Chapter 1: Implement Data Storage Solutions

    ✅ Implement non-relational data stores

    ✅ Implement relational data stores

    ✅ Manage data security


  • Chapter 2: Manage and Develop Data Processing

    ✅ Develop batch processing solutions ✅ Develop streaming solutions


  • Chapter 3: Monitor and Optimize Data Solutions

    ✅ Monitor data storage

    ✅ Monitor data processing

    ✅ Optimize of Azure data solutions


  • Chapter 4: Design Azure Data Storage Solutions

    ✅ Recommend an Azure data storage solution based on requirements

    ✅ Design non-relational cloud data stores

    ✅ Design relational cloud data stores


  • Chapter 5: Design Data Processing Solutions

    ✅ Design batch processing solutions ✅ Design real-time processing solutions


  • Chapter 6: Design for Data Security and Compliance

    ✅ Design security for source data access ✅ Design security for data policies and standards


  • What Is Data Engineering?

    Data Engineering is the discipline of Designing, Building, and Maintaining a robust Infrastructure for Collecting, Transforming, Storing, and Serving Data for the purposes of Machine Learning, Analytic Reporting, and/or Decision Management.

  • Why Microsoft Azure Data Engineer?

    Microsoft Azure offers a spread of services dedicated to addressing common business data engineering problems. This skill teaches how these Azure services work together to enable you to Design, Implement, Operationalize, Monitor, Optimize, and Secure Data Solutions on Microsoft Azure. This path is designed to address the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer exam.

    Exam required for becoming an Azure Data Engineer Associate:

    1. Implementing an Azure Data Solution 
    2.  Designing an Azure Data Solution 
  • Why You Should Go for This Certification?

    ✅According to reports, around 1,000 new customers daily sign up to Azure which means every year over 365,000 new companies adopt Azure.

    ✅Azure is thefastest-growing enterprise Cloud platform leveraged by leading IT companies across the globe.

    ✅As a result of the increased demand for Microsoft Azure Data Engineers in the industry today, a CV with this gleaming certification holds a great advantage.

    ✅In terms of job prospects and earning, a certification like thisleads to a rampant increment in both.

    ✅Updating your professional profiles with this certificate will elevate your job profile and increase the possibility of getting recruited.

    ✅Most of the people agree that certification has improved their earning and 84% of people have seen better job prospects after getting certified.

    ✅It makes you stand out from the crowd.

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