Bring Cyber Security Awareness Together

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When you enroll in an Aspire Tech Security Awareness Campaigns Management, you’ll get immediate access to all the content in IT Skills, including :

  • From a single location, manage policies, phishing, blogs, eLearning, and surveys.
  • Create a 12-month awareness campaign, identify areas of overlap, and gather feedback from users.
  • Increase audit results and show regulatory compliance
  • Lessons are delivered to your employees' inboxes.
  • Reiterate the Phishing Awareness Training and Continue to Improve
  • Monitor Results and Improve

Campaigns in Your Company

Is security awareness ingrained in your company's culture?

When a corporation has a high degree of security awareness, in-depth information and, most importantly, awareness of security issues flow into every employee's choice. We achieve this for businesses through initiatives that embed security awareness in the company's culture. Our initiatives increase your company's awareness of information security. To reach your employees directly at work, we rely on multimedia representation.

First, the organization and its personnel actively oversee and maintain security culture. When you notice something is heading in a different path than you expected, you can always influence and control it. To do so, you must first determine what has to be accomplished. The capability maturity model can be used to perform this quality assessment. You assess, plan, and optimize the security culture before putting everything in place.

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How do security awareness campaigns work in your company?

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The goal of security awareness programs is to embed information security awareness in the company's culture. This means that every employee in the firm takes security into account while making decisions and taking actions. To accomplish this, information security must become a topic of conversation that is often discussed. We assist you with campaigns that are specific to your business. The company presents the information created for your industry, company size and specific requirements in a thorough manner. This can be done online (on your firm's intranet or the Internet), at workplace events, or through printed material.

Organise your staff awareness program in one place

An successful security awareness program aids businesses in achieving the following goals:

  • Boost your company's ability to withstand cyber-attacks.
  • Make a mental and behavioral shift in your employees.
  • Obtain buy-in and support for cyber security measures.
  • Increase audit results and show regulatory compliance.
  • Reducing human error and addressing security concerns.
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How do awareness campaigns improve your and compliance?

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Campaigns to increase information security ensure that security awareness is not a one-time event for your staff, but rather a daily occurrence. You physically distribute the information security ABC in the firm using interest-generating posters, pamphlets, stickers, and comics.

Because you deliver your message through many channels, it is omnipresent - and thus steadily and securely embedded in corporate culture. Security awareness becomes a factor in every employee's decision in the long run.

Your Major Benefites

  • Long-term success is ensured through holistic tactics
  • Using numerous channels to communicate reinforces learning results
  • Boosting team spirit - working together to close security gaps
  • Every business may benefit from customizable solutions
  • Different types of learners can be reached through versatile communication
  • For a positive picture of information security, use a friendly presentation
  • All staff should be reminded on a regular basis

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