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That was so easy. That’s what you’ll be saying when you work with us to develop your cyber security awareness training package. Aspire’s cloud-based and integrated training program is easily deployed either as self-managed or managed service.

Training Modules

Employees are not a security problem. They are part of the solution. Aspire’s advanced int...Read More

Phishing Simulator

Phishing attacks can be one of the most dangerous cyber threats facing organizations. Aspi...Read More

Dark Web Threats

Without continuous monitoring, new breached employee data available on the dark web will g...Read More


The only behavior-driven security awareness platform that delivers training in real time

Year 2022, Cyber Security Awareness Courses

Why Aspire Security Awareness Training And Advanced Phishing simulator Tool

Baseline Testing

We provide monthly or yearly baseline testing to evaluate the phish-prone percentage of your users through Aspire phishing attack tool. It helps to identify vulnerable users.

Train Your Users

Our on-demand, interactive, and engaging web-based security awareness training covers the mechanisms of spam, phishing, and malware, and the dangers of social engineering.

Phish Your Users

We schedule simulated phishing attacks to improve employee’s ability to effectively identify social-engineering attacks. We provide thousands of phishing simulated templates.

See The Outcomes

Our reporting shows both high-level and granular stats and graphs for phishing and security awareness training. It’s ready for management reports, therefore it shows the great ROI.

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Awareness Training

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When technology fails, your employees need to react

Despite technological advances in email filtering, most CYBERATTACKS still start with malicious emails.


of breaches start with employee’s mistakes


breaches start with phishing and malware


of breaches are due to Social Engineering & Phishing Attacks


of phishing messages get opened by targeted users


of data breaches were caused by human error*

Boost Engagement with delivering Communication Tools

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Increase employee engagement with a different suite of communication tools like:


Promote your training program with visuals you can customize to brand... more  


Send training updates and security best practice highlights directly... more  

Digital wallpapers and web banners

Increase program engagement with colorful thought-provoking messaging... more  

Training Videos/Animations

Strengthen key awareness concepts and skills through stylish visual... more  

Why Aspire Tech

Award-winning courses

Aspire's award-winning online courses and programs are created and delivered by a renowned Cyber Security specialist.

The perfect fit for business

Plans for small to large businesses that are flexible to match your budget. There is a volume discount available.

Cost effective training

For a fraction of the expense of traditional classroom training, train thousands of employees in numerous locations.

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