Security Awareness Training

Baseline Testing

We provide monthly or yearly baseline testing to evaluate the phish-prone percentage of your users through Aspire phishing attack tool. It helps to identify vulnerable users.

Train Your Users

Our on-demand, interactive, and engaging web-based security awareness training covers the mechanisms of spam, phishing, and malware, and the dangers of social engineering.

Phish Your Users

We schedule simulated phishing attacks to improve employee’s ability to effectively identify social-engineering attacks. We provide thousands of phishing simulated templates.

See The Outcomes

Our reporting shows both high-level and granular stats and graphs for phishing and security awareness training. It’s ready for management reports, therefore it shows the great ROI.

Real-Time Results, Instant Remediation

Dark Web Monitoring clients can get access to our training Program. With our security awareness training course, instantly educate users and lower the risk of a human-error induced data breach.

Darkweb Real-Time Image
Darkweb Real-Time Image

Priced for Partner, Profit Margins

As the threat landscape continues to grow, organizations cannot risk not knowing their dark web status. Providing around the 24 x 7 monitoring and protection for your organization should be priced to fit our MSP offering, allowing you to see high-profit margins and instant RIO.

Justify Additional Security With Real Data

Data breaches are scary and can be overwhelming for unprepared organizations, even when they aren't at fault. Circulate knowledge and security awareness to provide justification for remediation, proactive solutions, and additional security measures.

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Engaging security awareness training

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Aspire’s interactive tests and web-based trainings can be used to determine the users’ level of knowledge about security. Educate employees and motivate behavior change with personalized security awareness and training.
Cloud-based and integrated with our Security Awareness Training, our service is easily deployed either as self-managed or managed service. Meet and document compliance, build awareness with engaging campaigns or deliver training automatically to employees who need it most. This is important when it comes to training because if content isn’t appealing to the audience it’s in front of, it doesn’t feel relevant to them and won’t stick with them. Relevance is key. The human mind learns through storytelling, security awareness training is no different.

Dedicated training portal

With our security awareness training platform each of your employees will have access to their own portal to take online courses at any times. This minimizes disruptions to employee productivity. The training portal is mobile-friendly, allowing users to take training on any device from anywhere. Phishing and training campaigns have proven to be effective; we have fewer users clicking on phishing emails since the beginning. You can easily change the difficulty levels of the email campaigns for your more experienced users. Knowledge helps us to raise awareness of social engineering attacks. Great company; good pricing; solid training. Highly recommended.

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Real-time reporting

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Measure your organization’s compliance score, phish rate and more to share progress with stakeholders and prove success.

Training is only beneficial if it gets completed in a timely fashion. Through real-time reporting, management can easily see the status of employee training.

The reports provide real time information so that reminders can be sent to employees who need to complete training. What gets measured gets done. This saying holds true for security as well as other areas of business. Training is only beneficial if it gets completed in a timely fashion. Through real-time reporting, management can easily see the status of employee training.

Customize / Create new courses

Our portal is flexible. Need to train employees on other topics as per organization required? Use the platform to create your own courses or customize existing training. Include your own questions and answers.

Easily create training material and assign these items to employees. Use the mix of standard and customized training that best suits your employees and organization. Think of your program like a multi-channel marketing campaign - delivering different types of content at different times targeting different audiences going through different channels so you have a constant barrage of information and working within the context that those different people are in.

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Repeat testing & continuing education

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According to Verizon, 67% of cyber breaches begins with a phishing email. Using our Phishing Simulation tools you can proactively tackle against email-based social engineering attacks and strengthen your most forgotten security asset. Your employees are on the front line in the anti-phishing battle and you can’t win without them. Aspire’s highly recommends a combination of simulated phishing attacks and targeted training to create a workforce which is resistant to the traps of hackers. Because 95% of data breaches are caused by human error. Ransomware, email phishing, phone scams and many more involve untrained staff doing the wrong thing. No antivirus or firewall can protect you against your staff’s errors. Security Awareness Training (SAT) platforms offer testing and training to help employees spot these phishing attacks. They also help ensure businesses are legally compliant for data protection. Security testing can cover a range of different campaigns. Many of the products in this category offer phishing testing.

Boost Engagement with delivering Communication Tools

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Increase employee engagement with a different suite of communication tools like:


Promote your training program with visuals you can customize to brand... more  


Send training updates and security best practice highlights directly... more  

Digital wallpapers and web banners

Increase program engagement with colorful thought-provoking messaging... more  

Training Videos/Animations

Strengthen key awareness concepts and skills through stylish visual... more  

Why Aspire Tech

Award-winning courses

Aspire's award-winning online courses and programs are created and delivered by a renowned Cyber Security specialist.

The perfect fit for business

Plans for small to large businesses that are flexible to match your budget. There is a volume discount available.

Cost effective training

For a fraction of the expense of traditional classroom training, train thousands of employees in numerous locations.

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