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Aspire Security Awareness Training

Aspire eLearning’s multilingual Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform. It delivers assessments, training, and phishing simulations through a combined learning path. With each tier, gain access to an additional level of security awareness training and more robust features that will help your organization’s need and mitigate risk.

Our SaaS subscription is priced per user and per year. Aspire security awareness program has four tiers, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages

  Security Awareness Training Phishing Simulator Compliance& Privacy
Users / Year Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Phishing Compliance
15-24 $30  $45  $60  $99  $50  $99 
25-50 $27  $41  $54  $89  $45  $89 
51-99 $24  $36  $49  $80  $41  $80 
100-499 $22  $33  $44  $72  $36  $72 
500-999 $20  $30  $39  $65  $33  $65 
1000-2999 $18  $27  $35  $58  $30  $58 
3000-4999 $16  $24  $32  $53  $27  $53 
5000-9999 $14  $22  $29  $47  $24  $47 
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Aspire provide discounted pricing for increased volume. We offer 20% to 50% discounts for a 3-year contract. The more you buy, the bigger your discount. Get strated today by filling out the form on the right. Find out how surprisingly affordable this is.

Features & Options Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Interactive Security Awareness Training
Administrator Account
Tracking & Reporting
Automated Password Resets
Automated Email Notifications
End of Lesson Quiz
Email Support
Monthly Tips & Tricks Newsletter  
Email and Phone Support  
USB Baiting Simulations    
Customizable Content      
Smishing Simulations      
Vishing Simulations      

You now have a way to well manage the it security problems of social engineering, ransomware attacks and spear phishing attack.

Looking for a custom solution?

Talk to a sales specialist to learn about our different customization options and start building your custom solution today as per your organization needs!

Topics Name Video Animation Web
Threats Identification
E-mail security
Protect Yourself-Stop Malware
Selecting and managing passwords
Be aware of phishing scams
CEO Fraud
Ransomware "kidnaps" your data
Detecting and Identifying Insider Threats
Removal media device
Safe Internet Browsing
Safe Wireless Networks
Social engineering
Stay Safe for the Holidays
Threats to IoT devices
Sensitive Data (PII)
Cloud Security Threats and Risks
Evil Sites of Dark Web
Security Analytics
Workplace Physical Security Risks  
Train employees for information security  
Safe Disposal of IT Equipment  
Mobile Device Security  
Vishing - Don't be a victim  
VPN working from home  
Tips on how to keep your company safe  
Key logger  
Shoulder Surfing (Data Leak)  
Update your software  
Multi-factor authentication  
Surfing the Internet Safely  
BYOD & Mobile Security  
Incident Response Preparedness  
Secure remote work  
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard  

Making Our Training Your Own Training

Aspire can help you successfully plan, design, build, and deploy the right Training Pack to meet your goals. If you need custom graphics, or animation, or videos, or change voice-overs, Aspire customization services can do everything for you and more.

Aspire offers attractive discounts for bulk order.

Find out how amazingly reasonably priced this is. Ask for two different quotes for your exact number of users: a 1-year and a 3-year quote which shows the multi-year big discount.

Boost Engagement with delivering Communication Tools

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Increase employee engagement with a different suite of communication tools like:


Promote your training program with visuals you can customize to brand... more  


Send training updates and security best practice highlights directly... more  

Digital wallpapers and web banners

Increase program engagement with colorful thought-provoking messaging... more  

Training Videos/Animations

Strengthen key awareness concepts and skills through stylish visual... more  

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Aspire's award-winning online courses and programs are created and delivered by a renowned Cyber Security specialist.

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Plans for small to large businesses that are flexible to match your budget. There is a volume discount available.

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For a fraction of the expense of traditional classroom training, train thousands of employees in numerous locations.

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