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Protecting sensitive data from cyber-criminal is as crucial as protecting your own bank account. Ensuring data privacy and data protection is crucial to winning your customer’s faith. Data privacy includes a responsibility to ensure that collected data is accessible, protected and used responsibly Aspire Data Protection course is designed to help businesses and individuals comply with the essential principles of Data Protection Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • About this course

    Data Protection laws seek to protect people's data by providing individuals with rights over their data, imposing rules on the way in which companies and governments use data and establishing regulators to enforce the laws. Business leaders and their technical teams can start by understanding these concepts and adopting best practices for handling data within their organizations.

  • What will you learn by taking this course?

    Our Data Protection awareness training course is a great introductory way to ensure that all workforce in charge of handling information are introduced to the data protection regulations, including the difference between types of data and principles of data protection are. 

  • Why should you take this course?

    This course explains what your responsibilities are under data protection law so that you understand how to collect data legally, obtain consent where required, process data in accordance with the law and ensure data security.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

    ✔️ What is Data Protection?

    ✔️ Data protection: Essential for the exercise of the right to privacy

      ✔️ Why is data protection needed?

      ✔️ How does data protection work?

  • Chapter 2: Importance of data protection

    ✔️ Data protection in practice today.

    ✔️ A step-by-step guide to data protection.

    ✔️ Data protection: a piece of the puzzle.


  • Chapter: 3: Scope And Application Of The Law

    ✔️ General Provisions

    ✔️ Scope And Application Of The Law

    ✔️ Accuracy

    ✔️ Integrity and Confidentiality

    ✔️ Definitions

    ✔️ Fair, lawful, and transparent

    ✔️ Storage Limitation

    ✔️ Accountability Principle


  • How Can Companies Ensure That They Have Data Privacy When Using Public Clouds?

    Choose the correct cloud provider. In truth, most companies will not have the time or resources to employ a dedicated cloud security specialist. The best solution for most will, therefore, be to choose a cloud provider who also provides you with security features and who can advise you about your legal responsibilities.

  • Can We Protect Our Data in Other Countries?

    Again, because of the fragmentary nature of data privacy laws, it can be extremely difficult to ensure the security of your data if you send it abroad. The key, as a concerned consumer, is only to share information with companies who are open and honest about their data privacy policies, and who won’t sell your information to the highest bidder.

  • Is There a Global Data Privacy Law?

    No. Data privacy laws are relatively new in any case, and there is no worldwide standard. That said, many companies look to the GDPR – Europe’s data protection law – as a guide for how to store and manage data privacy correctly

  • Key Features:
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  • Access period : 12 months
  • Course duration : 40+ hours
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Who should take this online Data Protection training course?

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All businesses are obliged to comply with data protection law. If you handle any sort of personal information as part of your work, whether it’s about customers, clients, members of the public or employees, then you have a responsibility to keep that personal data safe and secure and process it in line with the data protection law.

This Data Protection course is suitable for staff at all levels and no previous knowledge is required. It is suitable for both data controllers and data processors. The course is relevant to all types of businesses, including charities, professionals, sole traders and membership organizations.

Why is Data Protection training important?

Data Protection describes to the set of laws and principles created to protect personal data stored by organizations as either electronic or paper files. These regulations control how personal data is used, stored, and shared by organizations, government bodies, and businesses alike. Everyone responsible for handling personal data (e.g. data controllers and data processors) must follow strict guidelines and principles to ensure that personal information is used fairly and compliantly, and multinational companies will often have to comply with the data protection laws of more than one country.

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What is Data Protection training?

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Data protection training teaches the fundamental principles and practical requirements for complying with principles of The Data Protection Act. As well as preparing staff for data handling responsibilities, this type of training will also educate employees on how to identify breaches (or potential breaches) of the Act and how to react and report these appropriately.

Data protection training is important because organizations have a responsibility to demonstrate their compliance when it comes to data protection and the new GDPR legislation (from May 2018). Organizations and individuals who breach data protection regulations risk criminal charges, large fines, and lasting reputational damage.

How can you make data protection training interesting for your business?

E-learning is an efficient way to provide training, but its chances of success can be boosted enormously if employers ensure to provide courses that are user-friendly and engaging. At Aspire Tech we eLearning that is fun to complete (i.e. uses story-telling, videos, animation and gamification) and that applies directly to the learners using it (e.g. how to apply regulation and policy to their everyday job purpose). What's more, all our courseware is responsively designed to work on any device with internet access so users can access training anytime, anyplace.

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We work with you

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IT Professionals who take cyber security risk seriously are uniquely positioned to help senior management tackle cyber-security risk. When you partner with us, you benefit from our extensive knowledge and skills as we develop your business’s cyber security. As one of top cyber-security firm, we offer nearly 30 year’s experience in the technical, commercial and regulatory aspects of cyber security.

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CORE Training
  • 2 Month
Ways to Learn:
  •   Virtual Training
  •   Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  •   Classroom Training
Course Audience:
  •   Intended for Managers
Course Options:
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Course Topics:
  • module 1: Introduction to Data Protection
  • module 2: The Principles of Data Protection
  • module 3: Legal Grounds for Processing
  • module 4: Data Subject Rights
  • module 5: Data Protection Responsibilities
  • module 6: Data breach handling
  • module 7: Protecting data
  • module 8 Cyber threats
  • module 9: Managing equipment and data records
  • module 10: Password security

Who should take this course?

Data Protection risk has never been so important.  Employee’s actions are quite possibly the biggest risk that your organization faces.  This course is essential for all employees who interact with personal data on a regular basis.

The Data Protection Act 1998 was a United Kingdom Act of Parliament designed to protect personal data stored on computers or in an organised paper filing system. It enacted the EU Data Protection Directive 1995's provisions on the protection, processing and movement of data.

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