ISACA's Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification is framework agnostic and the only IT governance certification for the individual. CGEIT can put you in the role of a trusted advisor to your enterprise!

  • About the Course

    The Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification is a vendor-neutral certification offered through the ISACA. It’s designed for IT professionals in large organizations who are responsible for directing, managing and supporting the governance of IT.

  • Chaptar 1. Governance of Enterprise IT

    ✅Governance Framework

    ✅Technology Governance

    ✅Information Governance



  • Chaptar 2. IT Resources

    ✅IT Resource Planning ✅IT Resource Optimization


  • Chaptar 3. Benefits Realization

    ✅IT Performance and Oversight ✅Management of IT-Enabled Investments


  • Chaptar 4. Risk Optimization

    ✅Risk Strategy ✅Risk Management


  • What are the skill sets and work requirements in order to take the CGEIT?

    ISACA has established both skillset and work experience perquisites that must be satisfied before they will be eligible for this certification. For the skill set requirement, the certification candidate must have experience in an oversight or advisory role supporting IT-related enterprise governance. 

    The work experience requirement is that the candidate must have worked in this skill set for at least five years. It should be noted that since candidates have five years to submit their CGEIT application after taking the exam, candidates may opt to take the certification exam well before they have satisfied their work experience requirement.

  • What is the exam like?

    The CGEIT certification exam is a multiple-choice formatted exam consisting of 150 questions. Cert candidates have four hours in which to finish their exams, which averages to 37.5 questions an hour. This means that aside from the challenging material, you will have to have some strong time management skills.

  • How will I receive my exam results?

    Exam candidates can view their pass or fail status on the exam screen as soon as it is completed. Then, within ten working days, candidates will receive their official scores via email and online in their MyISACA account.

  • What is the CGEIT certification job practice?

    The CGEIT certification job practice is the basis of the exam outline and the certification exam itself. The 2020 CGEIT job practice covers four domains of knowledge, which are composed of sub-topics and secondary tasks that organize the exam material. In short, the other word for domains of knowledge is job practice areas.

  • Key Features:
  • Created by a Security expert :
  • Access period : 12 months
  • Course duration : 40+ hours
  • Quizzes & revision exams :
  • Certificate of completion :
  • Support : 24/7 hours
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What is CGEIT?

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CGEIT recognizes a wide range of professionals for their knowledge and application of enterprise IT governance principles and practices. As a CGEIT certified professional, you demonstrate that you are capable of bringing IT governance into an organization—that you grasp the complex subject holistically, and therefore, enhance value to the enterprise.

Why Hire a CGEIT?

ISACA's Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certified professionals can enhance the strategic value they bring to organizations. CGEIT holders bring the knowledge and experience needed to align IT with business strategies and goals, manage IT investments to maximize return on investment, and strive for excellence in IT operations and governance while minimizing risk.

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Included in your modules

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During the CGEIT (Certified In The Governance Of Enterprise IT) course at The MSP Training, the delegates will be able to:

  • Understand about the organisational structures, and their roles & responsibilities
  • Understand the assurance techniques and methodologies
  • Understand the techniques which are used to identify IT strategy
  • Learn the components of a framework for the governance of enterprise IT

Salary Indicator

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What are the benefits of becoming a CGEIT?

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Benefits of being CGEIT-Certification are:

  • A distinct competitive advantage that distinguishes the candidate from their peers.
  • Better pay package and fast career growth.
  • Recognition for their knowledge and expertise globally
  • Ability to leverage the resources & tools of a global community of industry experts
  • Advantages of becoming part of an elite peer network.

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