Shows you how to install, configure, and use Autopsy to conduct a digital forensics investigation. Learn about hash sets, keyword searching, Android, timelines, and more. Includes hands-on labs. Requires basic digital forensics knowledge.

  • About this course

    Attend online or in-person training to learn about the most efficient ways of using Autopsy. All courses provide a certificate of completion to use towards CPE credits.

  • Why should you take this course?

    ✅better understand of what is digital forensics
    ✅how is forensics perform
    ✅how to really stay annoymous
    ✅how is smartphone autopsy done

  • What will you learn by taking this course?

    ✅Court admissibility investigative procedures

    ✅Attributes of various Windows and Unix/Linux file systems and file recovery processes

    ✅To identify and apply appropriate forensics tools to acquire, preserve and analyze system image

    ✅Review and critique a forensics report

  • Chaptar 1: Basic Concepts

  • Chaptar 2: Installation

  • Chaptar 3: Cases and Data Sources

  • Chaptar 4: Cases and Data Sources

  • Chaptar 5: UI Basics

  • Chaptar 6: Analyzing Data Sources

  • Chaptar 7: Hash Lookup Module

  • Chaptar 8: Various Small Modules (File Type, Exif, etc.)

  • Chaptar 9: Recent Activity

  • Chaptar 10: Keyword Search

  • Chaptar 11: Central Repository / Correlation Engine

  • Chaptar 12: Android Analyzer

  • Chaptar 13: Timeline Interface

  • Chaptar 14: Image Gallery

  • Chaptar 15: Communications Interfac

  • Chaptar 16: Tagging, Commenting, and Reporting

  • Chaptar 17: 3rd Party Modules

  • Chaptar 18: Conclusion

  • Key Features:
  • Created by a Security expert :
  • Access period : 12 months
  • Course duration : 40+ hours
  • Quizzes & revision exams :
  • Certificate of completion :
  • Support : 24/7 hours
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About this Training

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Get training about the most popular open source digital forensics platform from the people who built it. Basis Technology is the most authoritative source for Autopsy Training material. Attend online or in-person training to learn about the most efficient ways of using Autopsy. All courses provide a certificate of completion to use towards CPE credits.

Thinking differently for forensics

Digital forensics employees are often lumped in with cybersecurity personnel in general—but the skill set and expertise required is typically very different. Being part of the digital forensics team means working with a large subset of the organization, such as human resources, IT, legal, compliance and operations, according to Desai. “They need to have strong interpersonal skills, as tension is often high during an incident or breach response,” Desai says. “As with any highly analytical job, the forensics team must have high attention to detail, focus on a methodological approach and execution, and have a determined approach – no stone can go unturned.”

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Average Salary For Digital Forensics Job

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